One in five UK employees have resigned over a terrible boss

A Glassdoor study has revealed that one in five UK employees has resigned over a terrible boss in their workplace.

The study of 2,000 UK workers discovered that the most common issue with management was ‘disrespectful’ behaviour, which was flagged by almost half (43 per cent) of respondents, and ranged from ignoring employees to taking credit for others’ work.

More than one in three (34 per cent) claimed that their manager had a ‘negative attitude’, while 7 per cent were subjected to sexist comments on a regular basis. An unfortunate 4 per cent have suffered from bosses with bad body odour.

While two-fifths (40 per cent) of respondents said they would try to ignore an annoying manager, 18 per cent would alleviate frustrations by gossiping about them behind their back. A rogue 5 per cent said they would proactively try to get bad bosses fired.

Glassdoor also found that more than two-fifths (41 per cent) of workers had skipped work because of a terrible boss, 20 per cent had been forced to take sick leave and 21 per cent had resigned. Two per cent of employees took their absences a step further, saying they had ‘gone AWOL’ and simply left without telling anyone.

Moving within the organisation to escape a terrible boss was another popular tactic, with 15 per cent of women and 13 per cent of men saying they had requested a transfer to a new division.

CIPD data published in January suggested that senior managers lack the interpersonal skills necessary to effectively manage staff; 53 per cent of respondents described their people skills as ‘ineffective’, despite scoring highly on technical ability, and budgeting and financial management.

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For the People Management/CIPD article on this story, please follow this link.


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