Why are 48% of employees unhappy at work?

A new survey from Personal Group has found that 48% of UK employees are unhappy at work. The report, which interviewed almost 800 workers, highlighted that more junior employees are less keen to go to work in the morning, and are unhappier compared to more senior-level workers and those who are self-employed.



Comparatively, front-line employees are less passionate about their work day, with 30% of them claiming to never feel enthusiastic during work. When it comes to Millennials, employees aged 18-29 showed more consistent negativity compared with their 30+ year-old counterparts. The figures show that the older the respondent the more positive they feel at work, across all fronts.



The survey also shed light on reward and recognition, with 35% admitting they would be happier if they had more recognition in the workplace – with many workers citing that a reduction in long hours would make them happier. Mark Scanlon, Chief Executive of Personal Group, commented on the findings: “It’s no surprise that there are variations in engagement and happiness between those in different roles: directors and senior managers tend to be much more positive than more junior team members.



“Efforts to increase engagement should therefore focus on the latter groups. Many of these people tend to be frontline workers; these workers are the engine room of the UK economy. Our experience has found when we’ve gone out and spoken to these workers they tend to feel disenfranchised, demotivated and neglected.”




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Link to full article on this issue provided by HR Grapevine: https://www.hrgrapevine.com/content/article/news-2017-03-22-why-are-48-of-employees-unhappy-at-work


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