Why hipster coffee trends will become a workplace norm

According to a study by Warwick University employees are 20% more productive when they are in a good mood which is provided by a good workplace atmosphere.



Furthermore, 90% of the British workforce would prefer a happy office environment rather than an extra day’s holiday – fresh fruit, daily treats and coffee are strong contenders to make your workforce smile.Staff with access to coffee were productive for 24 minutes more a day than their non-caffeinated counterparts, according to data from Service Partner One. The firm go on to theorise that if every worker had access to a coffee machine the UK economy could save £42.7billion via increased productivity.



Recently we spoke to Jenny Noon, Facilities and Real Estate Director at Time Inc UK, about what makes her workforce tick. She told us that she’s discovered apart from a desk and a clean environment, it’s a cup of coffee. With bearded baristas perfecting dainty artwork in our latte foam and handing us drinks in chemical apparatus instead of mugs, there’s no doubt that we have become obsessed with just how versatile those little beans can be.

A survey by Selecta found that 78% of organisations have noticed a growing trend towards premium coffee. Their research also found that our taste for a finely brewed bean is increasing, with people drinking seven cups of coffee a week at work in 2016 – one cup extra than the year before.



In addition, with Millennials fuelling this trend for exotic strains of coffee bean combined with the fact that they will constitute 75% of the global workforce by 2025 according to Deloitte, quality coffee is likely to become a necessity in the workplace.



Selecta found certain trends gearing businesses towards creating cultures and environments that stimulate collaboration and productivity, and coffee was on the agenda. Just like in coffee shops, a mixture of tables, armchairs, counters, quiet areas, Wi-Fi and access to premium branded coffee will become an expectation.




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